Presentation of course overview (Презентации лекций)

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SAT/SMT  Solvers  for    So.ware  Engineering  and  Security    Instructor  Bio  and  Course  Outline  by  Vijay  Ganesh  Assistant  Professor,  University  of  Waterloo,  Canada.  Date:  April  4-­‐8,  2016  Venue:  Moscow  State  University,  Russia.

 Brief  Bio  of  Vijay  Ganesh  •  Studied mathematical logic and formal methods at Stanford, USA(PhD in computer science, 2007)•  Scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA(2007-2012)•  Assistant professor at the University of Waterloo, Canada(2012 – present)•  Research focus–  Solvers and proof assistants for software engineering, security, and mathematics–  Logic and complexity-theoretic questions that arise in software engineering–  Foundations of mathematics  Key  ContribuOons  Name  Key  Concept  STP  Bit-­‐vector  &  Array  Solver1,2  AbstracOon-­‐refinement  for  solving    Impact  Pubs  Concolic  TesOng  CAV  2007  CCS  2006  TISSEC  2008  HAMPI  String  Solver1  App-­‐driven  bounding  for  solving   Analysis  of    Web  Apps  ISSTA  20093  TOSEM  2012  CAV  2011  Z3-­‐str  String  and  Numeric  Solver1  Novel  techniques  for  string  +  integer  combinaOon  Analysis  of    Web  Apps  FSE  2013  CAV  20153  Maple  Series  of  SAT  Solvers,  and  understanding  SAT  Branching  heurisOcs,  and  community  structure  One  of  the  fastest  SAT  solvers  to-­‐date  AAAI  2016    HVC  2015,  SAT  20143  MathCheck  Conjecture  Verifier  CAS+SAT  combinaOon  Finitely  verified  math  conjectures  CADE  20153  Taint-­‐based  Fuzzing    Data  flow  is  cheaper  than  concolic  Scales  be`er  than  concolic  ICSE  2009  AutomaNc  Input  RecNficaNon  AutomaOc  security  envelope  New  security  approach  ICSE  2012  Solved  open  problems  HVC  2012  Undecidability  results  for  theories  New  reducOons  over  strings  1.   100+  research  projects  use  STP,  HAMPI,  and  Z3str2.

 IBM  Faculty  Award  2015,  Google  Faculty  Research  Awards  2011/2013  2.   STP  won  the  SMTCOMP  2006/2010  and  second  in  2011/2014  compeOOons  for  bit-­‐vector  solvers  3.   Won  7  best  paper  awards/honors  at  various  conferences  including  SAT,  DATE,  SPLC,  CAV,  and  CADE  4.   Retargetable  Compiler  (DATE  1999,  2008).  Ten  Year  Most-­‐influenOal  paper  award  at  DATE  2008.  Current  Projects  1. Understanding why conflict-driven clause-learning SAT solvers are so efficient2.  Theory and practice of solvers over strings, integers, and bit-vectors3.  MathCheck: SAT+CAS combination to verify math conjectures4.  Applications of SAT solvers to security5.  Formal verification of physics software6.  Attack-resistanceSyllabus  Lecture  Date  Contents  1  Apr  4th,  2016    Brief  introducOon  to  logic  in  sogware  engineering  and  security.  IntroducOon  to  SAT/SMT  solvers  and  their  applicaOons,  in  parOcular,  symbolic-­‐execuOon  based  analysis  and  tesOng  2  Apr  5th,  2016    Internals  of  SAT  Solvers  3  Apr  7th,  2016    Internals  of  SAT  Solvers  (conOnued)  4  Apr  8th,  2016    Internals  of  SAT  Solvers  (conOnued)  5  TBD  IntroducOon  to  first-­‐order  theories,  and  SMT  solvers.

 DPLL(T)  and  combinaOon  of  theories  6  TBD  Bit-­‐vector  and  array  solvers.  Counter-­‐example  guided  abstracOon-­‐refinement  (CEGAR)  7  TBD  Solvers  for  theories  over  string  equaOons  (pracOce)  8  TBD  Solvers  for  theories  over  string  equaOons  (theory)  Course  Requirements  •  Attendance•  Final exam and tests•  Projects, if interested•  Grading to be determined by MSU faculty.

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