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1). Translate the text into Russian:

The History of Insurance in Britain

The history of insurance in Britain is a long one. In early days there was a lot of marine trade between Britain and India and America. So at that time, in the 16th century, people were insuring their cargo ships.

Then in 1666 there was the Great Fire of London. Before then there were no fire brigades. But after the Great Fire insurance companies employed their own fire brigades to protect the building they insured. The people who sell insurance are called underwriters, because they write their names under the promise to pay. In the 18th century customers and underwriters arranged insurance in a coffee house which belonged to a man who was called Lloyd. Today Lloyd’s is the name of a famous insurance market in London.

For example, if you want to insure a ship today you needn’t go to Lloyd’s. You go to an insurance broker. The broker then goes to Lloyd’s and arranges insurance for you with the underwriter who will give you the cheapest price.

История Страховки в Великобритании

История страховки в Великобритании – длинная. В первые годы было много морской торговли между Великобританией и Индией и Америкой. Так тогда, в 16-ом столетии, люди страховали свои грузовые судна.

Тогда в 1666 был Большой Пожар Лондона. К тому времени не было никаких пожарных команд. Но после того, как Великие компании Страхования от пожара наняли свои собственные пожарные команды, чтобы защитить здание, которое они застраховали. Людей, которые продают страховку, называют страховщиками, потому что они написали свои имена при обещании заплатить. В клиентах 18-ого столетия и устроенной страховке страховщиков в кофейне, которая принадлежала человеку, которого назвали Лоид. Сегодня Лоид – название известного страхового рынка в Лондоне.

Например, если Вы хотите застраховать судно сегодня, Вы не должны идти к Лоиду. Вы идете к страховому маклеру. Брокер тогда идет к Лоиду и устраивает страховку для Вас со страховщиком, который даст Вам самую дешевую цену.

2). Use the Past Perfect in the second half of the sentence as in the model:

When I came into the office he had already left.

  1. Before we signed the contract we had been in a restaurant.

  2. We contacted Softcom after we had signed the contract.

  3. The conference had finished by 5 o’clock yesterday.

  4. I couldn’t leave the office because I hadn’t finished my work.

  5. The bank returned the cheque to me because I had made one mistakes.

  6. He found the job at the computer centre difficult because he hadn’t know all computer technology so well/

3). Translate the following sentences, paying attention to the sequence of tenses:

  1. Директор фирмы надеялся, что его фирма сможет получить большую скидку.

  2. Мы знали, что нам придется согласиться на их условия.

  3. Секретарь ответила, что президент сейчас разговаривает по телефону.

  4. Мы поинтересовались, какие товары продает фирма «Грей».

  5. Глава делегации сказал, что он договорился о цене.

1) The director of firm hoped, that its firm can receive the greater discount.

2) We knew that we should agree on their conditions.

3) The Secretary has answered, that the president now speaks by phone.

4) We have taken an interest, what goods is sold by firm «Heat».

5) The Chief negotiator has told, that it has agreed about the price.

4). Change these active sentences into the passive so that they sound more natural:

1) Workers in France make these Renault cars.

2) Farmers grow this rice in India.

3) The employer asked the staff for their opinions.

4) Somebody made this toy in Japan.

5) They export this product for sale mostly in the developed world.

1) These cars were made in France.

2) This rice was grown in India.

3) The staff were asked for their opinions

4) This toy was made in Japan.

5) This product was exported mostly in the developed world.

5) Choose the right word:

to make/to do

1) We do business with «Softcom» and other foreign companies.

2) This company usually make payment by a letter of credit.

3) What can I do for you?

4) What equipment does the plant make?

5) Please, phone the booking-office and do a reservation for a flight to Paris.

to expect/to wait for

1) What discount do you to expect to get from the company?

2) Come in, please. The President to wait for you.

3) We didn’t to expect the clients to increase their order.

4) Our business partners were late for talks. We to wait for them half an hour.


1) The train has not left yet, it is still at the platform

2) Has the delegation arrived yet? No, we are still waiting for it.

3) Where is the manager? He is still having talks with the suppliers.


1) We have received the latest drawings of the pump the manufacturer has modified.

2) When does the last train leave for Berlin?

3) Have you heard the latest news?

4) For how many machines did you sign the last contract?

6). Give antonyms:

to import goods – export goods

to catch a train – miss a train

time of arrival – time of departure

outdated – modern

to leave a message – get a message

a slow train – a fast train

at a low speed – at a high speed

at a short distance – at a long distance

7). Supply the articles where necessary:

The products of the new «Argo» Transformer plant are famous all over the world. The plant produces The transformers for different applications. Almost all the transformers are of a high capacity. A engineers of a plant modify the transformers so that a customers can be satisfied with a quality of latest models. A assembly shops of the plant have a modern facilities to test and check the transformers thoroughly. The plant ships the transformers to a foreign customers abroad in a export packing.

8). Give English equivalents of the following words and expressions:

билет туда и обратно, надежный человек, назначать цену, стоимость контракта, сравнивать условия, открыть аккредитив в банке, быть приемлемым, тяжелая / легкая промышленность, рекламировать товары, принять приглашение, представлять компанию, вести переговоры, конкуренция, достижения

Return ticket, the reliable person, to charge price, cost of the contract, to compare conditions, to open the letter of credit in bank, to be comprehensible, heavy/light industry, to advertise the goods, to accept the invitation, to represent the company, to negotiate, a competition, achievements.

9). Answer the following questions:

1) When and where did you last travel by train?

2) Did you travel there on business or for pleasure?

3) Did you buy a single or a return ticket?

4) Did you buy tickets in advance?

5) How did you get to the station?

6) Did you travel first or second-class?

1) I used a train 2 weeks ago. When I went to my grandmother in village.

2) I went in village just for pleasure because I am very miss my grandmother.

3) I bought a return ticket because this is more convenient.

4) Yes. I bought ticket in advance.

5I got to the station by car. My mum has brought up me.

6) I traveled second-class because I am student it is normal for me

10). Translate the letter into English:

Софтком, 15 октября


Уважаемые господа!

Мы получили Ваше письмо от 30 сентября 200…, в котором Вы сообщаете, что не можете принять наши цены, так как находите их выше цен наших конкурентов, и просите предоставить Вам 7%-ю скидку. К сожалению, мы не можем этого сделать. Как Вам известно, наши станки имеют высокие технические характеристики, они надежны в эксплуатации.

Однако если Вы пожелаете увеличить свой заказ до 20 станков, мы могли бы предоставить Вам скидку в размере 5%.

С нетерпением ждем Вашего ответа.

С уважением,

Начальник отдела продаж

Softkom, on October, 15th


Dear Sir!

We have received your letter from September, 30th 200 … in which you inform that cannot accept our prices as find them above the prices of our competitors, and ask to give you 7%-s' discount. Unfortunately, we cannot make it. As you know, our machine tools have high technical characteristics, they are reliable.

However if you wish to increase the order to 20 machine tools, we could give you the discount at a rate of 5%.

With impatience we look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,

The chief of department of sales

11. Read this letter of enquiry and write an answer to it:

Brown and Co. 2nd July, 200…


Dear Sirs,

Further to the recent discussions we had with Mr. Drake from Brown and Co. in London we would be grateful to you if you will send us your new catalogues for the latest model of refrigerator. If you can guarantee prompt delivery and can quote really competitive prices we shall be able to place an order with you for 250 refrigerators.

We hope to hear from you within 5 days.

Yours faithfully,


353 London Road



4 July 2009

Brown and Co.

Dear Sirs.

I have the pleasure of sending you our new catalogues for the latest model of refrigerator. Certainly we can guarantee prompt delivery and if you order 250 refrigerator then we can offer you a 15% discount.

I am looking forward to hearing from you

Yours faithfully.

Sokolova Marina.