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Здесь собраны правильные ответы на тест Ровеба по английскому языку. Сначала сверьте подходят ли вам вопросы. Тест 1-ого курса

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Choose the right variant: There was little indeed in the commerce of her companions that her precocious experience couldn't explain, for if they struck her as after all rather deficient in that
air of the honeymoon of which she had so often heard--in much detail, for instance, from Mrs. Wix--it was natural to judge the circumstance in the light of papa's proved disposition to contest the empire of the matrimonial tie.
Choose the right variant: With the question put to her it suddenly struck the child she didn't
know, so that she felt she looked foolish. So she took refuge in saying: "Shall YOU be different--" This was a full implication that the bride of Sir Claude would be.
Define the syntactic function of the underlined word: Billiards was her great accomplishment
and the distinction her name always first produced the mention of. Notwithstanding some very long lines everything about her that might have been large and that in many women profited by the licence was, with a single exception, admired and cited for its smallness.
Define the syntactic function of the underlined word: She was a person who, when she was out—and she was always out--produced everywhere a sense of having been seen often, the sense indeed of a kind of abuse of visibility, so that it would have been, in the usual places rather vulgar to wonder at her. Strangers only did that; but they, to the amusement of the familiar,
did it very much: it was an inevitable way of betraying an alien habit.
Define what part of speech the underlined word is:
"It will be the right thing--if you feel as you've told me you feel." Mrs. Wix, sustained and uplifted, was now as clear as a bell.
Define what part of speech the underlined word is:
"Supplies be hanged, my dear woman!" said their delightful friend. "Leave supplies to me--I'll take care of supplies."
Define what part of speech the underlined word is:
It hung before Maisie, Mrs. Wix's way, like a glittering picture, and she clasped her hands in ecstasy. "Come along, come along, come along!"
Верна ли грамматическая форма?
А) Сan he read and write when he was five?
В) I think he mustn’t drive so fast.
Верна ли грамматическая форма?
А) Сould you help me, please?
В) I am to able to open the door.
Подберите правильный ответ
Верна ли грамматическая форма?
А) A camera is a thing to take pictures with.
В) A key is a thing for opening a lock.
Подберите правильный ответ

А) A holiday is a day to merry-making.
В) A sweater is a thing to wear in cool weather.
Подберите правильный ответ

Верна ли грамматическая форма?
А) Can you give me some advice?
В) Must I leave at once?
Подберите правильный ответ

А) English is spoken all off the world
В) English is spoken all over the world
Подберите правильный ответ

А) He have to send him a greeting card
В) Can I do anything for you?
Подберите правильный ответ

Верна ли грамматическая форма?
А) I don’t like drivers which are very fast.
В) He likes food that is very spicy.
Подберите правильный ответ
А) She shouldn’t to spend so much time in the sun.
В) I must to write this letter at once.
Подберите правильный ответ

А) These boots are good for working in the garden.
В) A cook is to cooking food for a restaurant.
Подберите правильный ответ

А) Travelling season starts with the early spring.
В) Travelling season starts in the early spring.
Подберите правильный ответ

А) On August I will go to some foreign country.
В) In August I will go to some foreign country.
Подберите правильный ответ
А) A right to education have been recognized by some jurisdictions
В) A right to education has been recognized by some jurisdictions
Подберите правильный ответ

А) He is attracted by the idea with going abroad.
В) He is attracted by the idea of going abroad
Подберите правильный ответ
Верна ли грамматическая форма?
А) Repetition is the mother of learning.
В) Repetition are the mother of learning
Подберите правильный ответ

А) To know everything is to know nothing.
В) To know everything does to know nothing
Подберите правильный ответ

А) Should he really to go and see her?
В) They ought be more careful.
Подберите правильный ответ

A) He is interested in the history of ancient times.
B) He is interested for the history of ancient times.
Подберите правильный ответ

Is the right to education guaranteed to everybody? – Yes, it ___
May the students work for other degrees? – Yes, they ___
A ___ to education has been recognized by some jurisdictions
Are they writing a test now? – Yes, they ___
Do many Englishmen travel in groups? – Yes, they ___
Don’t come very early. I ___ for the exam.
Every morning he ___ to the latest news.
Have you ever ____ to the Niagara Falls?
He did not ___ me this book yesterday
He ___ to read fantasy.
I think, English is as ___ as French.
I ___ an economist in three years.
I ___ dinner and my son was playing in his room
I ___ waiting for you since morning.
Is the letter ready? – Yes, I have ___ it already.
It is ___ to swim in the sea than in the river.
It’s much ___ today, than it was two days ago.
It’s ___ love story I have ever read.
John ___ on the coat already.
Johnny is not as ___ as Daniel.
Look! What beautiful flowers she _____.
Look! It ___ heavily.
Moscow is ___ than Saint-Petersburg.
Must he work with us on Sunday? – I’m afraid, he ___.
She cannot afford to buy a new fur coat, ___?
She can’t enter the room, she _____ the key.
She does not ___ her mother.
She has not ___ any fruit today.
She has sent an e-mail already, ___ she?
She understood that he ___ her letter.
She ___ already for New-York.
The goals of primary education are achieving basic _____ and numeracy
The students ___ the test already.
The weather ___ hot and sunny these days.
Their girl is as ___ as her father.
Their house is not so ___ as our house.
They were walking in the park from five till seven, ______ they?
They ____ each other for a few years.
If she ______ at home now, she’ll come to us.
If she is at home now, she __________ to us.
If she were here now, she ____________ me in such situation.
______ I use your textbook?
A lot of cooking ________by my mother for my wedding party.
A lot of cooking is _____ by my mother for my friends.
A new skyscraper _________in our City at the moment.
According to the schedule she _______ arrive at 10 minutes past seven.
At first they had decided to go to the North, and then they changed ___ minds.
Everyone in the village is invited ______ the wedding.
Have you ever been______?
He had been watching TV___________ before we came to him
He must arrive ______ time.
He said he_______ been a teacher.
He told me that we__________ to the cinema in the evening.
Her brother ___________ before she came to visit him.
I ___________ along the street when I saw a mother of my friend.
I ____________read this text if you help me.
I am sure he will ______ translated everything by this time tomorrow.
I bought these shoes in the central department-store after I _________old pair.
In our country spring is as --- as autumn.
$ 20 is too ________ for this hat.
are ready to take their exam in English.
father’s name is George.
has started a new business lately.
May we’ll have a holiday.
offers soft drinks to the guests.
the weekend we go to the country.

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Очень офигенный сайт для студентов. Много полезных учебных материалов. Пользуюсь студизбой с октября 2021 года. Серьёзных нареканий нет. Хотелось бы, что бы ввели подписочную модель и сделали материалы дешевле 300 рублей в рамках подписки бесплатными.
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Если уже не успеваешь разобраться или застрял на каком-то задание поможет тебе быстро и недорого решить твою проблему.
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Всё очень удобно. Особенно круто, что есть система бонусов и можно выводить остатки денег. Очень много качественных бесплатных файлов.
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Отличный сайт с кучей полезных файлов, позволяющий найти много методичек / учебников / отзывов о вузах и преподователях.
Отлично помогает студентам в любой момент для решения трудных и незамедлительных задач
Хотелось бы больше конкретной информации о преподавателях. А так в принципе хороший сайт, всегда им пользуюсь и ни разу не было желания прекратить. Хороший сайт для помощи студентам, удобный и приятный интерфейс. Из недостатков можно выделить только отсутствия небольшого количества файлов.
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Великолепный сайт на котором студент за не большие деньги может найти помощь с дз, проектами курсовыми, лабораторными, а также узнать отзывы на преподавателей и бесплатно скачать пособия.
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